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The foreign currency exchange market has become more versatile than it used to be. With increasing popularities of cross border payment systems across the UK, a steady and secured foreign currency exchange platform is more than needed to save you and your business from becoming the next victim of market fluctuation. Intending to provide the best and cheapest foreign exchange services for business, SkylineFX offers real-time exchange rates applicable to both your personal and corporate money exchange needs.

With thousands of satisfied clients, we are the cheapest money transfer company and ready to help you with your international payments at any time. No matter if you are a small business owner who needs cross border payments or planning to send your overseas income anywhere in the world SkylineFX’s foreign currency exchange services UK is there for you.

Authorised by the financial conduct authority, our cross border payment services make sure you get the cheapest way to send money maintaining the securest parameter. So, if you are wondering which might be the best international money transfer services near me in the UK look no further. For the fastest, safest, and cheapest international bank or local bank to bank cash transfers, SkylineFX is vowed to provide you with the best foreign exchange services support you need.

Our Services

We have clients of all sizes. That is, no matter if you are an individual needing foreign money exchange services or need to transfer money on a large scale for corporate purposes, SkylineFX can help. Global money exchange rates fluctuate every now and then. So, optimization is vital when transferring money. SkylineFX can help you save those extra pennies which may add up to hundreds or even thousands depending on transaction volumes. Our services are professional, cost-effective and function well for both corporate and individual foreign exchange platforms. We make sure that our corporate and individual clients have a smooth experience when transferring funds using SkylineFX.

Why Choose Us

At SkylineFX, we combine the latest FCA-regulated cloud technology and API to get our clients the best out of the market and protect themselves against any unwarranted hassle. We have the arrangements to find you the best route to transfer your money across borders. We are team players. Our account managers don’t abandon you once you sign up for our services. They guide you from the start to the end leaving you satisfied and what’s more — they do it by prioritizing your points of interests. We hold transparency as one of our highest priorities. Having worked with award-winning trading platforms and the cheapest exchange rates, we promise to deliver you accurate results — anytime, every time. And of course, with no extra charge. SkylineFX is committed to finding you the most relevant and fairest foreign currency exchange services across the borders. Not only do we deal with small businesses and individuals we take pride in serving our corporate clients as well with the promise of adding the best values. So, join us today and get the support you need from anywhere in the country!

Live Exchange Rates

Our Currency Calculator shows the exact foreign currency exchange rates in real-time. So, you know the exact money exchange rate without having to consult any other third-party platform while exchanging! Our system is synchronized with the most trusted currency converts and therefore, there is no chance we are missing the update even for a fraction of seconds.

Risk Management

With the help of our advanced hedging tools and talented brain behind them, we make sure that your foreign exchange currency investments are secured no matter how much the market fluctuates. SkylineFX transacts with banks directly as each of our clients enjoys their segregated accounts.

No Hidden Fees

Our fees and exchange rates are some of the best and affordable within the UK. And you have access to all of your transactions 24/7. Therefore, you know exactly where your every penny goes. You can track them all without even moving from your chair. At the same time, our dedicated international money exchange services look for possible scopes to let you enjoy fee free transactions.

Transparent Pricing

Sending or receiving foreign currency funds can be lengthy and costly, especially if you are using a bank. If you're a business, you can easily be a target of opaque charges behind poor exchange rates. At SkylineFX, we provide individuals and companies with secure foreign currency payments service fairly and transparently. With the help of our advanced hedging tools and talented brain behind them, we make sure that your foreign exchange currency investments are secured no matter how much the market fluctuates. SkylineFX transacts with banks directly as each of our clients enjoys their segregated accounts, so you know exactly where your funds are going.

Personal Point of Call

SkylineFX is always there for you if you have any questions regarding our foreign currency exchange services. We have a team of foreign exchange experts who are ready to help you at any time of the day. So, there is nothing to worry about if you have any problems having global or local transactions using SkylineFX. We will provide you an instant solution without asking too many questions.

Our Services



Whether you are buying a new property abroad, investing in high value assets overseas, or any making other international transactions, we will cover it all for you! As a SkylineFX client you will get your own dedicated account manager with years of expertise to guide you through the process and handle everything on your behalf. This dedicated service ensures a streamlined, stress-free process while protecting you against a highly-volatile foreign exchange market. Our wide range of clients includes Amazon sellers and individuals buying & selling property overseas – and all of them have saved money on their cross-border payments thanks to Skyline FX. Why not join them and feel the benefit for yourself?

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At SkylineFX we pride ourselves on saving businesses up to 5% on their foreign exchange requirements while providing 5-star service and delivery. Your designated dealer will provide you with strategic financial solutions and manage the risk in international money transfer market that is constantly changing at such a fast pace. Our system enables you to secure a rate for up to 2 years, therefore reducing risk and stabilising your cash flow. Global recruitment firms, tech companies, fright forwarders & ironmongers are just some of the industries who have turned to us to save money on their payments – and they have not been disappointed! Smart businesses save money where they can. Smart businesses turn to SkylineFX.

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